Jerry Harris presents: “The Future of Globalization: Neo-Fascism or the Green New Deal”

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Join Open University of the Left on Saturday June 22 at 2:30 pm at the Logan Square Branch of the Chicago Public Library 3030 W. Fullerton Ave. (cross street: Sacramento) Chicago, free parking, wheelchair accessible (Bus Route: 74 Fullerton, Blue Line: Logan Square)

Jerry Harris presents: “The Future of Globalization: Neo-Fascism or the Green New Deal”

Political upheavals are surging through global capitalism. Rocked by the severe economic crisis of 2008, the veil of legitimacy has been ripped away as growing inequalities and social contradictions are now visible to everyone. Globalism, achieved hegemony throughout the world in the 1980’s, but the ruling class consensus began to split with the Asian crisis of 1998 and now has been ripped apart. For the transnational capitalist class there are three possible roads forward: 1) continued stagnation with small neo-Keynesian adjustments to neo-liberal dogma; 2) greater authoritarian rule with nationalist rhetoric and policies, mixed with accumulation strategies based in global militarization and the security state; 3) green capitalism and accumulation based in the fourth industrial revolution. This presentation will concentrate on the stark choices of neo-fascism or the Green New Deal essential to understanding the coming 2020 election.

Jerry Harris is the Organizational Secretary of the Global Studies Association of North America

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