Now Up on YouTube, Vincent Emanuele, “The 2020 Elections &Leftwing Activism: Building Electoral Majorities & Radical Social Movements”

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Vincent Emanuele at Open University of the Left

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Vincent Emanuele presents: The 2020 Elections & Left Wing Activism: Building Electoral Majorities & Radical Social Movements

Open University of the Left welcomes back Vincent Emanuele.. The 2020 elections are upon us and millions of people throughout the United States will get involved with politics for the very first time. Many leftists refuse to participate in electoral projects even local efforts, but especially and understandably campaigns for President of the United States. This cycle however, offers exciting and different opportunities: among them is the possibility of a Bernie Sanders Presidency and the critical opportunity to expose millions of people, especially young people, to politics outside the realm of Neoliberalism.
Additionally, national and international political efforts must be connected to local organizing projects. Here, Emanuele has a front row seat to how these dynamics play out in the real world as he currently works with two organizations, Organized and United Residents of Michigan City (OURMC), a local Indiana community organizing body focused on single-issue and electoral campaigns, and political education, and a co-founder of Political Art Roots and Culture (PARC), a community-cultural center that provides an affordable and/or free space for organizers, artists, and everyday people who seek community, creativity, and political resistance.

Vincent Emanuele is a writer, community organizer and former Marine Corps combat veteran. He has been working with left wing political projects, electoral campaigns, and social movements since 2006. Vincent’s writings have appeared in Z Communications, CounterPunch, Truthout, teleSUR English and AlterNet. He formerly hosted the weekly radio program “Meditations and Molotovs” on the Progressive Radio Network. Vince is the co-founder of P.A.R.C.
He is a former board member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace. He is a member of the National Writers Union, UAW local 1981.

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