Open University of the Left goes to the Left Forum 2019

This past weekend, June 28th through June 30th saw the reconvening of the annual Left Forum. This year the event was held at a new venue, Long Island University Brooklyn (LIU) and St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. Left Forum has been billed as the largest annual gathering in North America of the U.S. and International Left. This years event was titled What Is Left To Be Done? an excellent question given the dystopian reality the world finds itself presently in. Left Forum was founded in 1981 and was originally called the Socialist Scholars Conference. In brief, Left Forum brings together intellectuals, academics and activist whose purpose is, among other things, to share their perspectives, experiences, strategies and visions.

These video’s are but a small sample but represent a broad perspective of current left political thought.

What follows for your consideration are seven sessions conducted at the conference out of a total of 160 scheduled events. These programs have been uploaded to the Open University of the Left YouTube channel.

Anti-Capitalism in the 21st Century, Kimberly Westcott, Kali Akuno, Malaika Jabali, Kate Griffiths, Dr. Richard D. Wolff:


Three Marxist Takes On Climate Change, Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. David Harvey, Dr. Bertell Ollman:


Double Jeopardy: Crisis in Economic Life and in Relationships in the U.S. Today, Dr. Richard D. Wolff, Kimberly Westcott, Dr. Harriet Fraad, Robert K. Drinan:


The End of the “End of History”: The Left Alternative to Conservative Liberalism. The Failure of Fukuyama’s Forecast, Dr. David Harvey, Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. David M. Kotz, Dr. Alexander Buzgalin:


Dismantling the U.S. Empire’s Fake News: Lessons from the book “American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror.” Danny Haiphong, Margaret Kimberly, Dan Kovalik, Glen Ford:


Black Liberation Strategies in the Empire of Exceptionalism, Host: Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberly, Raymond Nat Turner, Danny Haiphong, Nellie Hester Bailey, Glen Ford, Kali Akuno:


Lenin: His Work’s Pertinence Here and Now, Dr. Richard D. Wolff, Chris Hedges, Laura Flanders, Kali Akuno:


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