Jerry Harris presents Trump: An American Fascist?

Join Open University of the Left on Saturday August 19 at 2:30 pm at the Lincoln Park Public Library 1150 W. Fullerton Ave. (at Damen) Chicago, free parking, Wheelchair accessible, (Red Line: Fullerton).

Jerry Harris presents Trump: An American Fascist?

Is Donald Trump a Fascist? Even more important are questions about the social, political, and economic forces around Trump. Are they Fascist as well? And why has the crisis in neoliberal hegemony produced a hard-right turn in US politics? Has there been the construction of a new fascist hegemonic bloc that goes beyond typical right-wing capitalism? And what should the left do? Form a broad united front that defends civil liberties and bourgeois democracy, or go beyond to push for revolutionary changes? Furthermore, how does Trump and the social forces that support him compare to classic forms of fascism? These questions will be analyzed and discussed based on a paper
recently co-authored by Jerry Harris, Carl Davidson, Bill Fletcher Jr. and Paul Harris.

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