Margaret Aguilar, Abortion Rights: Who is in Control?

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Margaret Aguilar, Abortion Rights: Who is in Control?

 Abortion has always been a control issue. Throughout human history, fertility control has been one of the critical issues facing human groups to ensure their survival. There are two aspects to fertility control. One is the “big picture” or social/governmental/religious control done for the benefits it brings to the agencies of control. The other aspect of fertility control impacts the individual woman and man and family which are influenced, more or less by social forces as well as individual wants and needs. At times, the wants and needs of these interested parties are in conflict. In some situations the fertility of group members may be restricted because of the lack of social, environmental and economic resources. In other more typically totalitarian systems, the state itself as a matter of policy may bring pressure to bear on women to provide more or less births to suit the perceived needs of the state. When women can take their rightful role as a principal in the decision-making the results are fairer and more humane. We will look at how these factors have affected women’s lives and human history specifically in the United States and how they are affecting our current political situation.

Margaret Aguilar recently retired after 37 years as a Registered Nurse. She spent the last 17 years as a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner after earning a Masters degree in Science in Nursing. She has been Pro-choice all her adult life. She currently participates as a volunteer clinic escort at a clinic on the north side of Chicago, where abortions are performed.

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