Dr. Melvin Rothenberg: “Contemporary Capitalism and Why We Need Marxism.”

Join Open University of the Left on Saturday October 15 at 2:30 pm at the Lincoln Park Public Library 1150 W. Fullerton Ave (at Damen). Chicago, free parking, wheelchair accessible, (Red Line: Fullerton).

Dr. Melvin Rothenberg will present the paper: “Contemporary Capitalism and Why We Need Marxism.”

Dr. Rothenberg along with Dr. Bruce Parry authored this paper in which they argue that a Marxist materialist analysis, whose basics they sketch, remains fundamental in understanding the political, social and economic character of our current international capitalist order. They assert that, specifically, any political movement that aims to radically transform this order in the direction of socialism must have a strategy based on Marxism. They argue for this position by doing a wide ranging analysis of current imperialism and its particular contemporary character, emphasizing, as Marx would, the fundamental technological developments that have altered the relations of production over the past fifty years and the critical impact this has had on the lives of working people both in the imperialist centers and in their neo-colonies.
For a free copy of this paper, send an email to: ContemporaryCapitalism@gmail.com

Dr. Melvin Rothenberg is a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics from the University of Chicago. He is an author of books and articles on economics and political topics of interest to the left. He has been a political activist for 60 years. Dr. Bruce Parry is a retired Economics Professor from the University of Baltimore and writes on Marxist political economy. He has been a political activist for 40 years. Both are members of the Chicago Political Economy Group (CPEG).

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