Paul Street, They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy

  • Paul Street, They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy
  • Paul Street, They Rule
  • Nov. 15, 2014, 2:30 pm
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    Saturday November 15th at 2:30 pm

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    Saturday November 15th, Dr. Paul Street presents “They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy.”

    Saturday November 15th Open University of the left welcomes back long time OUL presenter Dr. Paul Street. Paul is a noted activist, journalist, author, historian, political commentator and public speaker. On that day, Paul will be talking about his just recently released new book published by Paradigm Publishers titled, “They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy.” This book cuts through all the political BS to reveal how the pervasive rule of big money drives the American Empire and the global capitalist economy.

     Paul’s books always provide a perspective useful to gaining insight into how this government by Representative Plutocracy dominates and subverts the democratic aspirations of the citizens of empire. This is a perspective which will not be found in the Corpo-State’s media.