Jerry Harris: Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy

Saturday July 9 at 2:30 pm
Lincoln Park Public Library (corner Racine)
1150 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago,
free parking, (Red Line: Fullerton)

Jerry Harris: Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy
Open University of the Left welcomes back Jerry Harris. Democracy is in crisis. Throughout the world millions suffer under neo-liberalism and austerity but are unable to force their governments to address their needs. This book undertakes the examination of capitalist democracy, globalization and of the emergence of a transnational capitalist class and what is needed to develop a strategy for implementing democracy beyond the current impasse.
Worker ownership and cooperatives may be the first step in constructing such a society alongside sustainable economics and governmental public financing.
Harris’ book will spark productive controversy among theorists and activists precisely as to what is required if we are to find progressive non-capitalist alternatives. He makes a critical contribution to understanding the times in which we live and possible solutions to the increasingly acute crisis of global capitalism. His ideas should be widely studied and debated.
Jerry Harris is the National Secretary of the Global Studies Association and on the International Executive Board of the Network for Critical Studies of Global Capitalism. He is the author of The Dialectics of Globalization: Economic and Political Struggle in a Transnational Era. His research on globalization has been translated into several languages.
He is a former professor of History at DeVry University in Chicago.

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